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The Best .22LR Rimfire Ammunition For Small Game Hunting

Powerful and highly accurate ammunition is essential for hunting to ensure you can deliver a quick and clean dispatch. Small game hunting animals have a more concentrated population than big game animals, so you never have to venture far for your next dispatch. Therefore, this type of hunting is less tiring, as it requires less equipment than big game hunting. Small game hunters often use smaller firearms than big game hunters, as the animals are smaller. This guide recommends the best .22LR rimfire ammunition for small game hunting.


Improve Your Shooting Performance With The Ultimate Guide To .22LR Ammo

Shooting sports test competitors in areas such as accuracy, speed and precision across a range of disciplines using several different firearms. Killough Shooting Sports stocks various accessories and ammunition to help competitors improve their performance. The right ammunition is crucial in helping competitors achieve the best possible results in competition shooting. At Killough Shooting Sports, we tell you which .22LR ammunition is best for certain shooting levels and disciplines, from target shooting to hunting.

Choosing the Right Ammunition for Competitive Shooting Events 10/08/2023

Choosing the Right Ammunition for Competitive Shooting Events

Introduction Competitive shooting is a demanding sport that requires a combination of skill, precision, and the right equipment. One crucial aspect of that equipment is the ammunition you choose to load into your firearm. The type of ammunition you select can significantly impact your performance in various shooting events. In this guide, we will delve into the factors to consider when choosing the right ammunition for different competitive shooting events, focusing on aspects like caliber, bullet weight, and velocity. Caliber Matters The caliber of your ammunition refers to the diameter... Read More


ELEY manufactures 9mm Competition Pistol Ammo

Josh From previous videos, I allude to back in the day, I used to shoot USPSA and that was like my first competitive sport. I want mention Killough Shooting Sports and ELEY, they sent me Minor9 9mm ammunition, from the USPSA Competition line. There are three different kinds of Minor9 – 9mm pistol ammunition that is 115gr, 124gr and 147g. Killough Shooting Sports also have PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) 9mm ammunition at 115gr and 124g. For you people running open major firearms, they also do .38 Super Comp Major rounds.... Read More


ELEY Ammunition and USA Shooting Team renew long-term partnership

ELEY renowned for its product excellence in sporting ammunition, has taken another huge leap towards its vision – ‘The most connected, customer-focused competition brand in the world’. Today Wednesday 07/27/2022 ELEY is proud to announce a renewed long-term partnership with the USA Shooting Team. The contract will see athletes compete with ELEY ammunition at the Olympic Games in Paris, 2024 as well as Los Angeles, 2028. Athletes will also be showcasing their skills at events in a busy ISSF calendar in the run-up to Paris. ELEY Marketing Director, Michael Atkinson said:... Read More


Competition ammo for sale and in stock

You do not need to look any further for the cheapest, safest and most reliable 9mm precision competition ammunition in the US; we have done the research for you! VIEW ALL 9MM PRODUCTS HERE Based in Texas, Killough Shooting Sports are manufacturers of premium precision 9mm competition ammunition. Market research data shows not only is the handgun ammunition guaranteed to make USPSA power factor in CZ Shadow 1 4.7” barrel, CZ Shadow 2 with 4.7” barrel, Glock 34 Gen5 5.31” barrel, Walther PPQ 4” barrel, Smith M&P Core 4.2” barrel and the... Read More


ELEY Minor9 USPSA ammunition at Killough Shooting Sports

ELEY entered the centrefire market two years ago. They started with the .38 Super Comp major loaded round that we reviewed with the Infinity Open gun, as well as a 9mm major load that was tested in the July 2020 issue. The team from ELEY had these new offerings on hand at the Back-to-Back Nationals and sent me 250 rounds of each of the new 115gr, 124gr and 147gr ammunition. Factory loaded competition ammunition isn’t something that is new. There are several companies that have recognized that we are high... Read More


Welcome to the world of Practical Shooting

Practical shooting, also known as action shooting or dynamic shooting, is a series of shooting sports requiring precision, power, and speed to score as many points as possible in the fastest time. Originally established in the 1950’s, the first public competition took place in California in 1957 and developed the competition format into a distinct sport which today has several international Sanctioning Bodies. The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) is the oldest and largest of the sanctioning bodies formed in 1976 in Columbia and was created to promote, maintain, improve,... Read More



But how does Blake make sure he hits the target shot-after-shot? Let’s find out what equipment and accessories Blake Liles take to the range.   Ammunition For Open Division events, Blake’s go to ammo is ELEY .38 super comp major. It’s USPSA certified and achieves Major Power Factor for IPSC/USPSA competitions. The round features a rimless case to eliminate feeding issues from double stack magazines and of course provides consistent accuracy that is expected from the ELEY brand.   Speaking of the ELEY ammo, he said: “The main reason I use... Read More


Chase Rains: what’s in your kit bag?

As it’s the details that make the difference, what equipment does Chase Rains keep in his range bag? Ammunition During competitions, Chase chooses to shoot ELEY ammunition. He says the reason he uses ELEY products “is the quality. I can go into a match focused and know my ammo will have no issues throughout the match which is a big key in preparation to a match. If I can trust my equipment, then I know it’s just me having to produce the results with my ability.” Made for IPSC/USPSA shooters,... Read More