The blue labeled “Team” product is a quality cartridge designed for talented shooters demanding accuracy and value, Team is from the Tenex production line and features many of its quality attributes including the flat nose bullet profile.

The introduction of Team will allow club shooters to use a quality of ammunition closer to that used by championship shooters, but at a much lower cost and therefore giving them the edge over what they are currently using with existing Club ammunition.

Why was Team launched?

Team was launched at the start of 2008, the Team ammunition is a by-product of two pre-existing lines; Tenex and Match.  What created the new line of Team was a change in the accuracy requirements for both Tenex and Match.  ELEY increased the specification and tolerances of what batches made the highest grade ammunition; Tenex, tasking our engineers to deliver a better, more accurate Tenex line. With changes to the Tenex grading, the next product down Match also had to meet a strict level of performance accuracy to carry the black label. With a by-product of cartridges not making the new Match grade, resulted in ELEY marketing a new label called Team which had quality features of Tenex but at a more affordable price. 

Limited availability: 

ELEY’s ultimate goal is to produce a high yield of Tenex grade ammunition, therefore there is limited availability on the by-product Team, contact your local supplier for stock availability.

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