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USPSA Timers and IPSC Shot Timers from leading brands such as CED and DAA

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  • CED7000 Shot Timer

    • Memory storage/recall for review of 10 strings and an unlimited number of shots
    • Custom Par for single or multiple Par time settings, with variable delay intervals and the first ever hundredth of a second setting
    • Dual forward and reverse Review function
    • Fixed/Random/Instant of custom delay available
    • Shot detection microphone featuring 8 preprogrammed digital sensitivity settings
    • Illuminated fully functional LCD display, showing total time, splits, shot number, Par and first shot time.
    • Date and time displays, including alarm clock feature
    • New “Spy Mode” for monitoring other shooters and visual starts
    • New “R.O. Mode” for selection when only basic features and functions are desired for use
    • Optional 50 yard wireless RF capability for CED BigBoard or CED Time Keeper
    • New “Stopwatch Mode” for use of the timer as a stopwatch to clock props and other shooters on the range
    • Super loud Start beep over 110 db+(2.5kHz) – the loudest in the industry with adjustable volume control
    • Rechargeable battery with low battery LCD indicator. 
    • 2 sets of Start/Review buttons. Choose which works best for you!
    • RESET Function included
    • A wide range of accessories, to ensure that you have what you need to make your new CED7000 the perfect timer for you
  • CED BigBoy Countdown Timer

    • Large LCD Display
    • Measures 3.125”H x 3.125”W x 0.625”D.
    • Uses two AG13 button cell batteries (included)
    • Audible
    • One Second Intervals
    • Magnet Included
    • Hook Loop Included
  • CED7000 Silicone Skin Black

    $7.49 -25% $9.99
  • CED7000 Silicone Skin Blue

  • CED7000 Silicone Skin Yellow

    $7.49 -25% $9.99
  • CED7000 Silicone Skin Green

    $7.49 -25% $9.99
  • CED7000 Silicone Skin Red

    $7.49 -25% $9.99
  • CED7000 Screen Protectors

    • Each set includes 2 pieces of screen protector film and a cleaning cloth
    • UV resistant
    • Anti-reflective
    • Anti-dirt
    • 99% transparent film.
  • CED M2 Shooting Chronograph

    $186.96 -15% $219.95
    • Sleek, lightweight, and compact design
    • Advanced software & digital circuitry = extremely fast performance!
    • Over 1000 shot capacity with up to 500 string permanent memory
    • Records velocities from 50 fps to 7,000 fps
    • High, Low, Average, & Hi-Average velocity readings
    • Extreme Spread & Standard Deviation
    • Edit & Omit functions
    • Built-in Calculator
    • IPSC / IDPA Power Factor computation Function
    • New Data Collector Software program included
    • Meter or feet recording
    • 10X Mode – records slower velocities in decimeters
    • Voice Chip technology – Results can be heard as well as seen
    • On / Off control, with no-memory loss "Auto-Shut Down" mode
    • PC Downloads - USB interface for fast, software downloads of stored data
    • New Data Collector Software program included
    • Low battery warning indicator
    • Back-up battery storage
    • 9-Volt battery operation (not included)
  • Shotmaxx 2 Carry Case

    • Soft Vault Case
    • Easy Access
    • D Ring Clip
    • Zippered
    • Practical Carrying Solution
    • ShotMaxx 2
  • SHOTMAXX-2 Watch Shot Timer


    The Shotmaxx-2 is an exceptional shot timer offering unique capabilities

    In late 2013 Double Alpha launched the SHOTMAXX, which took the shooting world by storm. It was the first ever watch-size fully-functional Shot Timer, and it outperformed the hand-held timers in most categories. The light-weight watch allows shooter to train with the device on, without it interfering with their normal draw or gun handling. ROs can safely run the stage, while keeping both hands free to help or control the shooter if need be.

    Three years of market feedback, and considerable investment in research and design, result in a product which takes the SHOTMAXX a huge leap forward - to the new SHOTMAXX-2.

    While SHOTMAXX-2 utilizes the same watch housing and display as its predecessor, that is where the replication ends. The new SHOTMAXX-2 now has a larger strap add-on, housing a bigger, much louder and more robust speaker, which delivers a truly surprising volume from such a small package.