Eley 38 Super Comp Ammunition, now fully USPSA Certified and Approved, Bulk Ammo Buy
  • 1000 Rnds .38 Super Comp Major 124gr Eley Action ELEY  - 1
  • Eley 38 Super Comp Ammunition, now fully USPSA Certified and Approved, Bulk Ammo Buy

1000 Rnds Eley .38 Super Comp Major 9MM Ammo 124gr

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.38 Super Comp Major 124gr Copper Metal Jacket, 9MM Ammo, Round Nose

Major Power Factor - ELEY USPSA CERTIFIED Competition Ammunition

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1000 Rounds


ELEY .38 Super Comp Ammo Major 124 gr. FMJ RN.

USPSA Certified Ammunition.

Major Power Factor for USPSA Competitions.

Superior safety. Absolute accuracy and controllable recoil.

That’s what you’ll get with ELEY’s brand new ELEY Action .38 super comp major rounds.

Designed and developed by the world’s most respected sporting ammunition manufacturer, the new competition round promises to be a sure-fire hit amongst practical shooters.

ELEY have called on 190 years of ammunition quality control expertise to deliver and assemble the best components with a specific propellant to provide a safe and effective competition round.

With ELEY Action .38 Super Comp Major Ammo, IPSC and USPSA competing athletes can rest assured they have the safest .38 Super Comp Major round on the market. This Super Comp Major Ammo is used by law enforcement and benefits from higher pressure loading

The round delivers reduced recoil for improved sight picture recovery, and its ‘rimless’ case loaded with a Round Nose copper metal jacketed 124gr bullet offer superb reliability magazine stacking and feeding.

ELEY Action .38 Super Comp Major has been developed specifically for use in firearms manufactured to handle Major Power Factor ammunition and tested to as far as possible ensure Major Power Factor is achieved. The reference firearm has been the STI DVC Open 2011 competition handgun, designed and manufactured for use with Major Power Factor ammunition.

Please note during testing we have found wide velocity variances for the same load between identical STi DVC Open handguns. Competitors must ensure they check Power Factor performance through their specific handguns.

Suitable for automatic pistols, semi automatic firearms, top pistol match competitors

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.38 Super Comp Major TDS

ELEY action .38 Super Comp Major Technical Data Sheet

Download (486.5k)

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