• 2500X
  • 2500X by Holeshot Arms, Single Shot .22lr Action  - 2

2500X by Holeshot Arms, Single Shot .22lr Action

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  • 2500X by Holeshot Arms,
  • Right Bolt
  • Left or Right Port
  • Single Shot
  • .22lr Action

Quick Overview

2500X and Trident Actions by Holeshot Arms

  • 2500X is a 2-Lug Action - Trident is a 3-Lug Action
  • Super tight tolerances on all fitted parts for perfect fit and slick operation.

  • Easy to load ramp design similar to the Anschutz.

  • Dual rear locking lugs symmetric about the horizontal center-line.

  • Entrance cams cut into the body so that the lugs can have equal areas on each lug.

  • Beveled loading port for easy access to chamber for loading.

  • 4 @ #8 screws for mounting scopes, 2 @ # 6 screws in between that are also reamed for .125 pins. That way a long one piece mount or the just front only will both be accommodated.

  • Firing pin design that easily unscrews using a Kleindorst type of tool available from SPF and a 1/16th allen wrench. 6 o'clock firing pin.

  • Cocking piece that is controlled by a bolt shroud such that it is always centered in the trigger and cannot rub. The shroud is pinned and a slot in the body controls the angularity.

  • Trigger hanger that can be reversed for a 0.030 change in pin fall.

  • Threaded bolt handle so that any available knob will work. We offer at least 3 types.

  • Wire EDM cut extractors from tool steel and the spring is beryllium copper. We don't rely on stamped, mass produced parts.

Multi step process below used to machine body for exact repeatability with no stone left unturned:

  • 1. Undersized hole is gun-drilled in the finest stress relieved barrel quality 416R stainless steel.

  • 2. Body is rough machined and heat treat/stress relieved with oversize OD.

  • 3. Hole ID is finished after heat treat for perfect sizing and straightness on wire EDM.

  • 4. OD is then ground to size +0.003 based on EDM'ed hole ID.

  • 5. Face of the action and threads are then put in for best possible alignment.

  • 6. Lugs are factory lapped with special devices to load lugs same as when being fired.

  • 7. Body is engraved and hand finished.

  • 8. The whole body is Melonited.

  • 9. OD is then ground to size based on ID for a perfectly straight and round outside that has a shiny ground finish.

If you want the best design and finest manufacturing processes on state of the art machinery from a proven manufacturer for your next build, the 2500X or Trident is for you.


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