Chase Rains: what’s in your kit bag?

As it’s the details that make the difference, what equipment does Chase Rains keep in his range bag?


During competitions, Chase chooses to shoot ELEY ammunition. He says the reason he uses ELEY products “is the quality. I can go into a match focused and know my ammo will have no issues throughout the match which is a big key in preparation to a match. If I can trust my equipment, then I know it’s just me having to produce the results with my ability.”

Made for IPSC/USPSA shooters, Chase shoots ELEY’s .38 super comp major ammo which packs a powerful punch while maintaining the highest accuracy standards for which ELEY has earnt its reputation. The round nose bullet means it will feed reliably in virtually every platform used in competition.

Holster and Caddies

To hold his firearms and keep it secure during a competition, Long Shadow holster and caddies are used. Each holster is crafted to incredible tolerances and built for the hard use it experiences on the range.


In a competition, you need to draw your firearm as quick as possible for the best performance. The Guga Ribas belt does this for Chase. With an inner steel frame lined with nylon, the belt offers the ultimate in comfort. It supports the weight of the pistol, magazine pouches and accessories, guaranteeing stability when drawing your firearm on the course of fire. Its versatility makes it suitable for all practical shooting sport disciplines.

Safety wear

For eye protection, Chase selects Hunters HD. When competing or training in Steel Challenge and practical shooting, the Gold lenses are preferred. The lenses are made from a Trivex material to ensure crisp, clear vision, lightweight comfort with strength and protection. The tinted lens adapts to the sunlight exposure so you don’t have to and makes the red dot pop against the target backdrop for a quicker and more accurate shot.

When shooting the multi-gun events, Chase also has the Ruby lenses by Hunters HD for use with his shotgun to make the clays stand out in their surroundings.

To reduce the sound of ringing steels echoing in his ears for hours after a competition, Chase uses Grizzly Ears Earbuds. The hearing protection gives excellent sound compression against gunfire allowing him to sharpen his senses.


US based manufacturer, Techwear is the clothing provider of choice. They custom design all of Chase’s shooting jerseys so he can dress like a pro. The tough proprietary Techstatic fabric can withstand the assertive motion and action experienced in practical shooting, while keeping you cool and dry thanks to its lightweight and breathable wicking material.

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