ELEY manufactures 9mm Competition Pistol Ammo

Josh From previous videos, I allude to back in the day, I used to shoot USPSA and that was like my first competitive sport.

I want mention Killough Shooting Sports and ELEY, they sent me Minor9 9mm ammunition, from the USPSA Competition line. There are three different kinds of Minor9 – 9mm pistol ammunition that is 115gr, 124gr and 147g. Killough Shooting Sports also have PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) 9mm ammunition at 115gr and 124g. For you people running open major firearms, they also do .38 Super Comp Major rounds.

Some interesting things specifically about this Minor9 9mm ammunition are;

1.       They guarantee this to make power factor

2.       They target this to shoot like your home load, so if you are used to reloading your own ammunition and you are trying to get that soft recoil impulse whilst still making power factor, this is how they have designed this ammunition to shoot.

There is a full listing of competition pistols that this Minor9, 9mm ammunition is guaranteed to make power factor with. The info is available on the Killough Shooting Sports Website on each of the product pages.

How do these bullet weights affect feel?

115gr: This is going to be snappier, because it is lighter and faster.

124gr: Is in the middle

147gr: Is going to have a push style feel, like you would feel in a 45 ACP – So it is a softer recoil impulse, but it is slower to return.

Positioning and stance:

As a smaller person, you will find you are pushed around much more by the pistol. The smaller you are, or just in general, the more forward stance you are the better you will handle your recoil.

In terms of stance (taking more of an athletic stance) – weight on the balls of your feet, slightly bent and lean forward into the gun / firearm and that should help staying on target a little easier.

This should allow you to fight the recoil much better

(Within the video, 124g showed splits getting better in comparison to the 115g).

The taller shooter could control the recoil much better than the smaller shooter.

The 115gr is classed as a much snappier round in comparison to the 124gr, with these rounds being harder on the trigger, driving the pistol back down, and trying to bring it back up.

If you are trying to speed up splits so it is more flowing and not individual interactions with the target:

While the gun is recoiling, drive your eyes to the next target and let the pistol come down into the next target.

This will probably show slower splits; however, the transition will be much faster.

Because you recoil back onto the target for the second shot and then move the firearm to the next target, you want to be able to take that time out in between, by allowing the pistol to recoil and then come down to the next target.

As soon as you break that second shot, focus your eyes on the second target and your body will also help steer you.

The 147g testing was much softer in comparison to the other rounds.

Competitors tend to begin at this weight and then go down in weight. This is because a good shooter with lots of practice has good technique and find themselves waiting for the gun to settle out of recoil so they want that ‘snappier’ return back.

“It starts feeling more of a 45 than a 9mm”

This is just some generic information that maybe, if you are a new shooter or new to USPSA disciplines / pistols / handguns – This will help you choose what bullet weight you might want to shoot. How you are training and how to level up.

Hopefully, these little tips, tricks and ammunition advice help you to improve.

Try it out for yourself and see how you like it!

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Watch the full video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdX8-CuCUg8

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