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Practical shooting, also known as action shooting or dynamic shooting, is a series of shooting sports requiring precision, power, and speed to score as many points as possible in the fastest time. Originally established in the 1950’s, the first public competition took place in California in 1957 and developed the competition format into a distinct sport which today has several international Sanctioning Bodies.

The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) is the oldest and largest of the sanctioning bodies formed in 1976 in Columbia and was created to promote, maintain, improve, and advance practical shooting sport. IPSC recognises all shooting disciplines including Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and Action Air and competitors are divided in divisions based on the firearm type and equipment features.

Today, the IPSC affiliates over 100 regions from Africa to Asia to Europe. There are five levels of competition, the first being local club matches. Level two is matches open to participants from different clubs. Three is regional matches and four is continental championship such as the Pan-American championship. And finally, level five is the World Shoots.

The United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) is the US regional affiliate of the IPSC. To date, it has over 35,000 active members and over 500 clubs with competitions hosted weekly throughout the States.

Practical shooting tests your agility and accuracy, but it’s a test you won’t pass without the right equipment. At Killough Shooting Sports (KSS), we have a range of practical shooting supplies to help you start your journey in competitive shooting or if you’re an experienced competitor, take it to the next level.


To compete at any level, you need ammunition that will perform shot after shot. Match grade ammunition achieves consistency through tight tolerances and strict quality control. If you’re an Open Division competitor, with ELEY’s .38 super comp major round, you’ll have major power factor, absolute accuracy, and controllable recoil. Designed and developed by the world’s most respected sporting ammunition manufacturer, the competition round is a sure-fire hit amongst practical shooters.

The round delivers reduced recoil for improved sight picture recovery, and its ‘rimless’ case loaded with a Round Nose copper metal jacketed 124grn bullet offers reliable magazine stacking and feeding.

Ammo hack: always bring extra rounds to every competition. A good rule of thumb is to work out the minimum number of rounds you would need if you hit every target first time. And then double it! If you are having trouble getting ammo to a match, let us know. We can help ship direct to any of your upcoming USPSA matches.

Shot timers and accessories

Getting a shot off quickly and on-target means the difference between first and second place in practical shooting. Shot timers are an essential training tool to improve reaction times and track shot performance. The digital device listens for when the trigger has been pulled and displays the time from buzzer to shot.

The CED7000 shot timer is a feature rich timer setting it apart from its closest competitors. Unrivalled memory storage, custom timer modes, and a start beep of over 110db – the loudest in the industry. It also fits in the palm of your hand thanks to its compact and lightweight design. Plus, it can be upgraded for wireless connection to a DEC BigBoard or CED Time Keeper for displaying results up to 50 yards away.

At KSS we also have a range of accessories to keep your CED shot timer protected. Consider a silicone case to give the device a more comfortable grip and protect it from being scratched or damaged while on the range. Or perhaps a screen protector to prevent scratches, finger marks or sun damage.

Safety gear

Knowing what you need before you take to the range can make a huge difference to the way you perform. Every match can have different rules, requirements, and recommendations when it comes to safety, but the fundamentals remain the same – protect your eyes and ears!

Eye protection is designed to stop debris from getting into your eyes and the glasses must wrap around your head to protect your eyes from the side as ricochets can happen. But there is more to safety glasses than merely acting as protection. Practical shooting competitions predominantly take place outside. So, consider glasses that are photochromatic. This means that the lens will darken or lighten according to outside lighting conditions. Not only do they adapt to the sunlight, but they also make the targets pop so you can aim faster and with more accuracy.

We stock shooting eyewear from a number of brands including Hunters Gold, Beretta, Walkers and Howard Leight.

To protect your ears against the potentially harmful loud noise of gun fire while at the range, we have a range of earmuffs as well as the Decibullz custom molded earplugs. Comfortable, secure and longer-lasting than traditional earplugs, Decibullz are made of a unique thermoplastic that softens in hot water. Once soft, the earpieces lose temperature quickly while remaining mouldable. Safely place in your ear and shape with your finger for a perfect fit and superior comfort.

Range bags and cases

At KSS we stock a choice of range bags designed for the beginner competing in your first competition to the serious IPSC shooter heading to an international tournament. If you’re looking for quality, design and value, look no further.

If you’re just starting out on your journey into USPSA shooting, why not try the CED Deluxe Professional Range bag. The range bag of choice for competitive shooters, it can hold all your equipment for a day at the range including seven magazine holders, up to four pistols, a separate ammo brass bag and an additional five zippered pockets for accessories such as shot timers and safety gear. The double headed zippers provide locking capability, and it comes with a combination security lock and cable giving you have peace of mind your equipment is safe.

For the more serious IPSC practical shooter, consider the CED XL Professional Range bag. It has a removeable inner bag that can hold two pistols and a bunch of ammo allowing you to carry a smaller and lighter bag around the course of fire. Leaving the bigger bag full of accessories and back-up components back in your vehicle. Its heavy-duty design can hold eight magazine pouches and easily carry 2, 3 or more firearms, as well as your rig, and all additional gear.

So, if you’re turning up to your first match this summer, competing at a state championship or challenging a world title, we have the best practical shooting gear and accessories to help you achieve your goals.

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