It's time to find the perfect ELEY ammo for your rifle!  If you want the best advantage at the range... you must find the best ammunition.  We have the ammunition, environment, and equipment required to ensure that your rifle will shoot its best!

Please allow approximately 3.5 hours per barrel.  We have 2 lanes and can test 2 barrels at one time.  Testing is done at either 25m or 50m, and we are able to test both pistols and rifles.  You can bring your rifle and test it yourself; or, you may ship your rifle to us and we will test it for you.  We will have at least 15 lots of Tenex for testing and will have at least 5,000 rounds of each lot available for purchase. 

Call us today to book your test session 325-754-5771

Range Fee: MINIMUM PURCHASE OF 2,500 rounds, $45/barrel, you will not be charged for the test ammunition used.  Range fee is waived if you purchase 5,000+ rounds per barrel.  Current price is $19/box of 50 rounds.  We have Free shipping for ammunition purchased through the Eley Customer Test Range. 

 If you are shipping your rifle to us for testing, CONTACT US BEFORE SHIPPING, we will need the barreled action and anything that attaches to the barrel such as a tuner, sight extension, or bloop Tube.  If possible pack it in a hard rifle case.  You do NOT need to request a signature for delivery.  We are a business and someone is here to receive packages Monday-Friday, so don’t spend the extra money for the signature.  Please do properly insure the shipment.  For shipping you  have 3 options.

Customer test range postage case

  1. 1.      You can box up your rifle and ship it yourself via UPS, FedEx, or US Mail


Ship to the following address

Killough Shooting Sports

5999 U.S. 83

Winters, Tx 79567


  1.  2.     We can e-mail you a UPS shipping label and you can pay us for the shipping.  You will need to drop off the package at any UPS drop off point.  We will need to know the weight of the package.


  1. 3.      We can send you the Customer Range Rifle Case for $100.  We will ship you a Pelican Rifle Case that can accommodate 1 or 2 barreled actions.  We will have a shipping label with the case for you to ship to the Eley Range.  Once your rifles are tested, we will use the Pelican case to return your rifles and we will supply another return shipping label for you to return the rifle case to us.  The rifle case remains the property of the Eley Customer Test Range.  This is the easiest and most secure method.  We provide all the shipping labels and a very sturdy shipping container. You just need to pack the rifles and drop off the package at any UPS shipping location.

A picture of the Eley Customer Range Rifle Case is above