ELEY Edge Limited Edition .22lr Ammunition
  • ELEY Edge Limited Edition .22lr Ammunition
  • ELEY Edge Black Oxidized Bullet

ELEY Edge Limited Edition .22lr Ammunition 50 Cartridges

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  • Bullet profile: Flat Nose
  • Cartridge length: 25.4mm/ 1inch
  • Bullet weight:2.59 grams/ 40 grain
  • Velocity: Muzzle: 321m/s (1053ft/s), 
  • Lubricant: Paraffin Wax

Limited Edition End Of Line Stock, When these are gone they are gone.

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Manufactured using the innovative tenex technology, ELEY Edge is the ideal ammunition for competition. Its patented Black Oxidized Brass Case Provides greater internal ballistic consistency for Greater accuracy. There are no lucky Shots, there are no shortcuts to success, there is only hard work, determination and your new competitive Edge.


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