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ELEY rimfire semi-auto .22lr benchrest outlaw 50 rimfire cartridges
  • No export ELEY semi-auto .22lr benchrest outlaw 50 round box
  • California prop 65 ELEY semi-auto .22lr benchrest outlaw 50 round box
  • ELEY rimfire semi-auto .22lr benchrest outlaw 50 rimfire cartridges

ELEY semi-auto .22LR benchrest outlaw rimfire cartridges

ELEY semi-auto .22LR benchrest outlaw rimfire cartridges



- Specifically engineered for magazine fed firearms

- Bullet profile: Round nose

- Cartridge length: 25.4mm/ 1inch

- Bullet weight:2.7 grams/ 42 grain

- Velocity: Muzzle: 332m/s (1090ft/s), 25m(27yds):319m/s(1046ft/s), 50m(55yds): 308m/s (1009ft/s), 91m(100yds): 292m/s(958ft/s)

-Lubricant: Paraffin wax


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ELEY semi-auto benchrest outlaw overview

ELEY semi-auto benchrest precision benefits from the engineering expertise behind ELEY’s leading .22LR target round – ELEY tenex. The round-nose bullet profile combined with an uncompromising approach to quality, ensures optimum manufacture of case, bullet and assembly.

ELEY understands accuracy, consistency and reliability is the only way to win a benchrest match.

ELEY engineers have developed ELEY precision and ELEY outlaw for magazine fed precision firearms.  ELEY precision is the choice for custom barrels and ELEY outlaw is the choice for factory firearms.

Outlaw Tenchnical Description

key features designed for used for firearm

Performance and

Reliability in every round

Competitive shooters Semi-Auto Benchrest .22LR Magazine fed rifles
Round nose bullet profile Benchrest Factory Rifles
shot-to-shot consistency
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