ELEY match pistol .22lr box of 50

ELEY match pistol .22lr box of 50


ELEY Match Pistol box of 50 Rnds

- Bullet profile: Round Nose

- Cartridge length: 25.4mm/ 1inch

- Bullet weight:2.59 grams/ 40 grain

- Velocity: Muzzle: 326m/s (1070ft/s), 25m(27yds): 304m/s, 50m(55yds): 291m/s (955ft/s)

-Lubricant: Beeswax-tallow

  • Lot Number Qty In Stock
  • 1914-01087@1009 80
  • 1914-01093@1018 118
  • 1914-02298@1002 111
  • 1914-02299@1001 93
  • 1914-02300@997 80
  • 1914-04066@1003 149
  • 1914-04069@999 151
  • 1914-04072@1001 131
  • 1914-04073@1005 155
  • 1914-04074@1007 43
  • 1914-05280@1018 7
  • 1914-05282@1017 56
  • 1914-06094@1012 50
  • 1916-02064@1006 393
  • 1916-05064@1001 218
  • 1219-02234@??? 185


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Decades of continuous improvement have generated the perfect pistol round. Technical research and testing in ballistics, semi-automatic cycling, optimum bullet profiles, priming systems, case construction and the perfect lead alloy have enhanced ELEY’s knowledge in this sector. Comprehensive testing is undertaken to find the ultimate combination of these elements, to produce ELEY match pistol.

The benefits of this cartridge include a round nose bullet profile to ease feeding in semi-automatic pistols and rifles. The projectile is made from a high specification lead antimony alloy which reduces surface damage when cycled through the firearm.

Precise manufacturing techniques form cartridge cases of uniform length from a tightly controlled brass alloy. This ensures each propellant charge burns in a controlled volume, delivering a consistent energy to each projectile. Providing a controlled recoil pattern and rapid recovery of sight picture.

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