Bore Guide - Large Insert  - 1
  • Bore Guide - Large Insert  - 1
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Bore Guide - Large Insert

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Bore guides are essential for cleaning. A good one will ensure that you do not ruin a barrel with poor cleaning habits. Most gunsmiths agree that more .22lr barrels are ruined from improper cleaning than from actually being shot out. These guides fit into the raceway of the action and have a second piece that fits the rod. The rod piece then slides inside the raceway piece to ensure that the rod does not rub the barrel. We have one size that fits the Ivy rods and one size that is slightly larger for Dewey rods. We currently have guides for the Turbo (.688), 40X/Hall (.700), and Suhl (.708) actions. Please specify SMALL for an Ivy Rod or Bill Myers Rod, and LARGE for any commercially available .22 cleaning rod.

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