AccuPro 22 Cal Pro Jag  - 1
  • AccuPro 22 Cal Pro Jag  - 1
  • Pro Jag

AccuPro 22 Cal Pro Jag

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  • Brass Jag
  • .22 Caliber
  • Fits .187" Cleaning Rod
  • Fits standard .22lr Cleaning Rod
  • Rubber O-Ring to align jag

Rubber O-Ring Protects The Crown From Damage

Exclusive, rubber O-Ring gently centers the jag and patch in the muzzle, and all the way through the bore, to help prevent muzzle damage. Pointed, brass jag firmly holds all types of patches for efficient swabbing during cleaning.

Brass jag diameter is .187" to match our cleaning rods just right with not brass overhanging the rod.

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