ELEY Minor 9mm 124gr Competition PCC

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Introducing ELEY's new 9mm minor power factor rounds. Specifically designed and manufactured here in the United States for Practical Pistol and Pistol Calibre Carbine (PCC) disciplines.


Eley Minor 9mm 124 Grain Competition PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) Ammunition

Following on from the enormous success of ELEY’s .38 Super Comp Major ammo for Open Division Practical Shooting, Eley have once again called upon 190 years of ammunition quality control expertise to assemble the best components for a tailor-made range of competitive 9mm rounds.

The new range of Minor9 Pistol rounds come with a choice of three bullet weights 115g, 124g and 147g and the Minor9 PCC products are available in 115g and 124g. All ELEY 9mm rounds offer consistency and predictability in both feel and performance with unprecedented levels of accuracy demanded by competitors moving dynamically at speed in all conditions.

With no compromise to safety and performance across all five products, you can expect to achieve new levels of confidence in practice and during your next match.

Look out for this new range of fullbore ammo when it’s time to get serious. Now available to test at National USPSA competitions.

The reference firearms for Minor9 Pistol are CZ Shadow 1 12cm barrel, CZ Shadow 2 with 12” barrels, Glock 17 Gen4 11.4cm barrel, Walther PPQ 10.2cm barrel, Smith M&P Core 10.7cm barrel and the Tanfoglio Stock 2 11.3cm barrel.

The reference firearm for Minor9 PCC is JP Rifle GMR 15 14.5 Inch barrel. 

  • Average power factor across all reference firearms including all bullet weights = 129.3
  • Round-Nose
  • Full-Metal Jacket
  • 1.15 Inch Overall Loaded Length
  • Six Sigma Technology
  • Safe Loading
  • Controllable Recoil
  • Fast Recoil
  • Factory Competition Loads
  • USPSA Discipline Specific
  • Fast Sight Picture Recovery
  • ELEY Quality assurance system
  • 50 Rounds Per Box

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