Shilen Ratchet Eck Contour Sporter Barrel

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Shilen Ratchet Eck Contour Barrel Blank in .22lr. This is a Stainless Steel Select Match Grade barrel that has been taper lapped. This is the highest grade barrel that Shilen makes.


*Select Match Grade (Highest Grade Shilen makes) *Taper Lapped *Barrel Blank *.22lr *Eck Contour Sporter Profile *Gunsmithing Required *28" Long *6.0" Long shank at Chamber end that is 1.000" Diameter *Radiuses down to .670 at 6.0" from Chamber End-  it is reverse tapered to .810" diameter at 24" from Chamber End-*Then Dog Knot on end that is 4.0" long at 1.150" Diameter.   1.0" minimum needs to be cut off from each end.

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