1" High Burris Signature Zee Rings Matte Black

1" High Burris Signature Zee Rings Matte Black


Burris 1" Rings

Pos-Align Inserts


Weaver Style



SIGNATURE™ RINGS The best rifle scope is only as good as the rings that hold it in place. Which is why legendary Burris Signature Rings are the choice of the world’s most discriminating shooters. The tremendous gripping power of the ingenious design anchors the scope at zero round after round. Additionally, a synthetic self-aligning insert inside the steel ring cradles the scope and insures proper alignment and guarantees scope-to-ring contact is virtually 100%. That’s as much as 30% more contact than some other mounts. Scopes perform at their optical peak when all internal lenses are properly centered. For that reason, Signature Rings accept Pos-Align Offset Inserts. * 1" Rings * High Height * Torx Screws * "0" offset inserts Included * Matte Black * Attach to any Weaver Style Base


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